From Shattered Innocence to Radiant Healing
By Celeinne Ysunza

Mandala a Powerful Healing Symbol

Celeinne Ysunza - Author and Spiritual Practitioner

About The Author Celeinne Ysunza

Deeply moved by the mystery behind life’s drama and trauma, I found writing, meditating, breathwork, working with mandalas and sound/frequencies beneficial tools to assist in providing transpersonal experiences of higher consciousness.

Over fifty years of self-study and structured curriculum in Eastern Thought beginning with Yogananda Paramahansa’s Self Realization Fellowship, other Western Mystery Schools whose material included mysticism, kabbalah and various philosophies of religion, Vedic Astrology with the NW Institute of Vedic Sciences and quantum theory culminated in becoming an ordained Metaphysical Minister with a doctoral in Metaphysical Philosophy, specializing in Transpersonal Consciousness through the International Metaphysical Ministry.

Working on


A symbol of the divine within of the natural harmony and balance of the intrinsic perfection in the holistic heart.

Working on Mandalas

Sound & Vibrational

For more than two hundred years, researchers have been validating the impact of sound and vibration (energy) on the physical form.

From the outer cosmos to our very cells all of life is some form of energy. The varying frequencies of sound and vibration literally affect us at the cellular as well as the spiritual level whether they be from the voice as in chanting, music, singing bowls or tuning forks.

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