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Deeply moved by the mystery behind life’s drama and trauma, I found writing, meditating, breathwork, working with mandalas and sound/frequencies beneficial tools to assist in providing transpersonal experiences of higher consciousness.

Over fifty years of self-study and structured curriculum in Eastern Thought beginning with Yogananda Paramahansa’s Self Realization Fellowship, other Western Mystery Schools whose material included mysticism, kabbalah and various philosophies of religion, Vedic Astrology with the NW Institute of Vedic Sciences and quantum theory culminated in becoming an ordained Metaphysical Minister with a doctoral in Metaphysical Philosophy, specializing in Transpersonal Consciousness through the International Metaphysical Ministry.

As a Spiritual Guide, I have perceived a gestalt slowly coming to life; that of a landscape of damaged children in adult bodies appearing to be functioning healthfully based on their material wealth and success as seen on the outside. Looking within, however, is revealed an inner child suffering with many types of addiction and toxic relationships.

If children are the foundation of a society, it appears that our foundation/society is weak and crumbling from not having been cured properly.

Our collective consciousness is undergoing an intense shift. This has happened before according to ancient texts. This one is bigger and more intense as it is birthing a new, higher consciousness of collective humanity.  Each of us is a tiny aspect of the holistic ONE.  We are each working together for the higher good of all.  A Mayan saying is, “You are me; I am you.”  According to Stanislav Grof, MD, Psychiatrist, we are in the throes of a spiritual emergency.

It is important that we have the intention to sever the chains that keep us bound to the old and outdated scripts that keep us being run by the pain and suffering of the damaged inner child within.

Our intuitive heart is the “temple within”.  From our heart-temple it is in forgiveness for others (and self), it is in blessing with compassion those who are suffering that we find the freedom to soar like the phoenix.  Forgiveness IS freedom.  Forgiveness IS true love.

We are here to share with you the tools we have acquired and honed over these many years,

As the reader of this journey, one is reminded of the transformativ power of compassion, the resilience of the human spirit and the penetrating impact of embracing one’s journey toward healing through Compassion and Forgiveness.

Embrace your painful traumas by becoming the rising serpent to shed your skin of bondage and fly like the flaming phoenix. Forgiveness is the spirit beneath your wings. You’ve got this.

Namaste In Light & Love.

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